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We are one of the fastest adopters of latest cutting edge technologies and trends in the area of internet applications development.We have deep expertise and experience in building world class web applications, meeting highest quality bar, with cross-browser compatibility and standards compliant.
Our super talented team of web designers, web developers and technical architects work in a balanced coordinated fashion to bring your concepts/ideas live in motion on web. Whether it be productivity applications OR business process automation OR your next killer web based idea, we are a team which can execute it all end to end.
Our web designers produce beautiful aesthetic designs, which are driven by deep expertise and knowledge in areas of Human Computer Interaction. We take care of your branding element. We product cross browser compatible, standards compliant Xphp/CSS to pass it on to our development team in chain.
Our web developers bring experience from some of the world's best known internet companies of the world. Be it latest technologies like Ruby on Rails, Groovy Grails, we have a talented team that would fit your needs. Finding it hard to find some nerdy jQuery developers who can write some serious object oriented JS code like they are coding it in Java? We might be a sweet place to stop by and stop worrying!
We adopt and embrace frameworks in our daily software development process. Talk about Heroku based deployments OR Zend/CodeIgnitor/Symphony based development, we breathe them all.

Range of technologies/platforms that we work across :-

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Webservices
  • .NET, Windows Foundation Classes
  • Linux/Windows, Apache, PHP, MySQL
  • JavaScript, JQuery, Prototype
  • Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Flash, Adobe Photoshop
  • Xphp, CSS 2.0/3.0, php5